Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Parade

This week, I ran the Jingle Bell Run and watch the Grosse Pointe Thanksgiving Parade. This parade happens every year, the day after Thanksgiving. Tons of parents bring their children to watch and wait for Santa. Grosse Pointe tries to include all parts of Grosse Pointe in the Parade that want to be included. This is a tradition in Grosse Pointe that I wanted to capture.
This is the usual fire engines with a new addition to this years parade, the trolley. The fire engines' blasting sirens let you know the parade is  coming down the street.

The bagpipe group is in the parade every year. They always sound great. I never understand how to   play a bagpipe; they seem extreamly hard to play.

The goofy clown fire fighters make everyone laugh. The hose hanging from the back never seem to burn out completely.

The South marching band came down the street playing toms of great Christmas songs.

I am gonna post more pictures on Instagram. For the book at the end of the year, I will use the pictures that are liked the most. If you wouldn't mind following and liking pictures you like it would help a lot.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Picture Posts are Starting on Instagram

I went to take pictures of The Village this weekend but both days this weekend were very gloomy and not good for photos. I did however manage to take a photo of the TCBY sign inside of the store. Its not a great picture but it is a start. I wanted to post something this week.  I plan to start taking more pictures soon an post them to Instagram. I need better weather though and lately it has been gloomy. It has also been freezing so it is hard to take pictures.

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Friday, November 14, 2014


I plan to take pictures of Grosse Pointe for my 20 Time project. In my previous post I talked about how I plan to post at least two post a week on my Instagram account for this project. From the Instagram photos I will pick the ones with the most likes and the ones I believe are beautiful and express Grosse Pointe in the best ways. I might use film for some of my pictures and develop them and post them. I want to use different ways to have a broad spectrum of photos and views of Grosse Pointe. I plan to edit them before I posting them to Instagram. 

Some of the places I want to take pictures are the mayors, schools, parks, village, hill, churches, lakeshore, and much more important spots. I want to take pictures of the mayors in front of the city halls because they are the people who represent out cities in a political way. I want to take pictures of the schools because for me they are one of the biggest part of my life so far. I feel that they represent Grosse Pointe because we are a very family oriented city. Due to the amazing schools we have they attract the best families who want a good education for their children. School has also been fun for me. I have met friends that I hope to be friends with for the rest of my life. They have also taught me so much. They prepare the children of Grosse Pointe for anything they aspire to do in life.

I want to take pictures of the village, the hill, and the parks because they are the social aspects of Grosse Pointe. With the parks you can go out with friends and have a picnic or go for a swim in the summer. The hill and the village have tons of restaurants and a few small shops where you can meet up with other people in the community. 

There are many other spots that I want to take pictures of and plan to take pictures of.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Beginning

My 20 time project is capturing Grosse Pointe through photography and make it into a photo book at the end of the year. I choose to take pictures because I have always been into photography. My photography class this year has really helped my interest in taking photos. 

I choose to take pictures of Grosse Pointe because their is so many aspects to Grosse Pointe that people not from here do not know. I want to show the parts people do not see. I want to show the high lights of Grosse Pointe and the other important parts.

At the end of the year I want to have enough pictures to make them into a book. I also want to be able to post 1-2 pictures on Inatagram every week. 

I am super excited to start my project.

Instagram: gpbeauty20