Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Parade

This week, I ran the Jingle Bell Run and watch the Grosse Pointe Thanksgiving Parade. This parade happens every year, the day after Thanksgiving. Tons of parents bring their children to watch and wait for Santa. Grosse Pointe tries to include all parts of Grosse Pointe in the Parade that want to be included. This is a tradition in Grosse Pointe that I wanted to capture.
This is the usual fire engines with a new addition to this years parade, the trolley. The fire engines' blasting sirens let you know the parade is  coming down the street.

The bagpipe group is in the parade every year. They always sound great. I never understand how to   play a bagpipe; they seem extreamly hard to play.

The goofy clown fire fighters make everyone laugh. The hose hanging from the back never seem to burn out completely.

The South marching band came down the street playing toms of great Christmas songs.

I am gonna post more pictures on Instagram. For the book at the end of the year, I will use the pictures that are liked the most. If you wouldn't mind following and liking pictures you like it would help a lot.