Saturday, January 24, 2015


This week I took pictures in B-Setting. B-Setting is when you use a long exposure to show light blending together or when the same focal point is in three different place. You can take B-Setting photos by going to manual mode and changing you shutter speed setting to the bulb setting.

This is a picture on Mack Ave. These cars are driving by while I was on the island in the middle of the road. The exposure time was about 5 or 6 seconds. This stretched the headlights of the car out.

This is a picture on Mack Ave. again. This exposure time is shorter then the last photo. You can tell because the streak of the headlights is a lot shorter.

This is a picture of my uncles house. You first take the shot zoomed all the way out. Then you zoom in and hold it when it was zoomed in.

This one is on Cloverly. I had my dad drive by. This exposure time was about 10 seconds.

This is another picture on Cloverly. This is a picture of my dad driving away. The exposure time was about 8 seconds. What I really like about this picture is that you can actually see the car towards the end of the light streak.

You can get the star-burst effect by setting you aperture setting high. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Over this winter break I was out of town for the majority of it. I could not take any pictures of Grosse Pointe. I have discovered how hard it is to focus on just taking pictures of just Grosse Pointe. I have sort of run out of ideas or my ideas would not look right in the winter. It doesn't look right in the winter because the lighting always makes thing that are supposed to be happy. I feel like this topic is to restricting for what I would like to do. I am thinking about broadening my project. I am in a photo class now and I am thinking of putting together a photo portfolio of any photo I take this year. We have done tons of cool projects or styles of photography that do not fit the idea of Grosse Pointe but they are still cool photos. I feel like if i open my project to trying to use different techniques and taking pictures of what I feel like expressing is a better use of this project. Here are a few examples of photos that I have taken that more suit my styles.

I took this shot at a dam near my cottage that I went to over break. I shot more from the ground to get more of an angle looking up towards the sky.

This is a picture part of a view we see from the back yard of my cottage. Different lake from the one before, but only about 10 minutes away. We would sit on the swing and watch the sun set. It was a little too cold for that this break though.

This is the dam. It look very broken down, because it is. Hillman, the town where my cottage is, is very small and in my opinion old and very colonial kind of. I like this picture because when you think of a dam you think of the Hoover Dam. When I first saw this it was kind of a let down, but the lighting was just perfect to catch the beauty in it and also the dark broken down feel from it.

This is also another view from my cottage on the lake. I think this shot is great because you can sort of picture your self there. You do not feel how cold it actually was, but you can picture standing there watching the sun drop behind the horizon. How the sun lights up the sky in a different way at night time.