Monday, April 20, 2015

20 Time Talk

I have started to think about what I want to talk about for my talk at the end of the year. You would think it would be easy to say what you have learned, but it is really hard. You can scrape the surface and talk about the different methods and ways you can take a picture. Trying to find something deeper you learned is a lot harder to think of. Our teacher wants us to really think about not only that I learned how to take a photo. He wants us to dig deeper and figure out what we learned about ourselves.

There are many things I believed about myself. At the beginning of the year I thought taking a picture was just pressing a button. After a year of photo class and this project I discovered it is so much more. I have discovered my creative side. Before this year I did not think I was very good at art. I could not draw or paint or sculpt or anything like these forms of art. I never had the patience for these forms of art. Photo just fit for me. I could be artistic and creative without taking long times to draw or paint something and not the skill of drawing, painting, and sculpting. Photo takes skill but in a different way. It takes an certain eye and a great composition. With this project I have learned that I am creative and artistic.

This is one of my ideas for my talk but I am pretty stuck on what to talk about. I am gonna keep thinking about it but I still do not know what to talk about yet.

On another note...

I went to the Dexter Invitational and ran the 1600 run. Besides me running many very good runners, jumpers, and throwers competed from my team. I took so many pictures that day for the series I am creating.

These are some of the more than 200 photos I had taken. I plan on adding quotes and other different little things with each photo.